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Vacuum Tank

Our vacuum tanks are manufactured from 304 stainless steel and painted. Vacuum lengths are designed according to extruder capacity and process requirements. All control functions of vacuum tanks can be made easily via control panel. It is very successful in eliminating the problem of ovality which may occur in plastic pipe which is the main purpose of vacuum tank and producing quality plastic pipe.

Tip / Type Çap Aralığı
Diameter Range
1. Bölge Boyu
1. Area Size
mm m
KNX-VT-40(FULL) 10-40 6
KNX-VT-125 16-125 6-10
KNX-VT-160 32-160 6-10
KNX-VT-250 50-250 3
KNX-VT-400 90-400 3
KNX-VT-630 90-630 3
KNX-VT-800 160-800 3
KNX-VT-1000 250-1000 3