Die Head – Konex Makina

Die Head

The heads are polished after the nitration process, allowing the molten material to slip smoothly and reduce the back pressure from the extruder. Thus, the extruder provides significant savings in the main motor electric current. Molds are produced for high efficiency purpose. Our heads are designed for suitable working pressures.

Tip / Type Çap Aralığı
Diameter Range
Raw Material
KNX-DIE-63 16-63 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-125 16-125 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-160 32-160 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-250 50-250 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-400 90-400 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-630 90-630 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-800 160-630 PE-PP-PVC
KNX-DIE-1000 315-1000 PE-PP-PVC