Konex Machinery LTD. High efficiency technological plastic extrusion machines and auxiliary equipments have been established to meet the international safety, quality and production standards by combining the power of three partners with 15 years experience in plastic machinery and engineering infrastructure. All of our designs, projects, productions and commissioning stages are carried out by our team.

The best technologies are closely monitored and production is carried out using these technologies. Our company is engaged in research and development investments for the skirt to achieve excellence in product quality.

The services provided by our company include the design of the infrastructure project for the manufacture of plastic pipes and profiles, the manufacturing of the necessary machines for the manufacture of these machines, the commissioning of these machines, the training of the personnel working in the machines and the commissioning of the necessary machines for the production, and the preparation of the production standards. The equipment we use is selected in full compliance with international standards.


Konex; strengthening its image with quality and service day by day, increasing its knowledge and experience with continuously increasing research and innovation studies and contributing to the development of the sector and the country's economy. In recent years, by increasing the importance given to exports more and more countries in every country has established a line and / or machinery, quality and service and innovation in the sector has become a pioneer.


Konex; By following the innovations and the latest technologies in the sector, it has adopted to work with team spirit by continuously improving and defusing itself, to be aware of local values, to compete in local and global market with awareness of knowledge and potential. While it is known about the solutions offered to specific applications, it has started to come to the point of company which is followed in innovation by developing existing systems day by day.

Konex, with its expert, experienced and disciplined staff, has been able to provide its customers with the highest quality products and services.